Always check your TRI ALL 3 case BEFORE leaving the airport since you never know what the BAGGAGE ROOM GORILLAS have tried to do with it. If you notice any damage and suspect it was the fault of the airlines, make sure you report it to an airline official BEFORE LEAVING THE AIRPORT. And be sure to give us a call.

** CAUTION, UPS does not insure or warranty the primary package, i.e., your Compact Velo Safe™, that you are shipping your bicycle in. If the primary package is damaged, UPS WILL NOT reimburse you for it. They will insure the contents of the primary package, but not the package itself.


TRI ALL 3 SPORTS Bike Cases do NOT exceed the maximum length, width and girth of 164 inches established by the 2008 shipping standards for air services. Our bike and wheel cases conform to all 2008 A.T.A., T.S.A. and F.A.A. size and security regulations for the transportation of bicycles and racing wheels on airlines.



TRI ALL 3 SPORTS guarantees all of its products for one year from date of purchase for workmanship and material.
Damage incurred during use is not warranted but may be sent to TRI ALL 3 SPORTS for repair.
Fees charged for repair are based on damage.

*Return Goods:

Prior return authorization from TRI ALL 3 SPORTS is necessary before any goods will be accepted.

Returned goods may be suject to a 10% restocking fee.

*Terms and Conditions: Visa or Mastercard. Prices subject to change without notice.

*Shipping: Based on UPS within the continental USA. Customer pays all shipping.

Don't let the AIRPORT GORILLAS destroy your valuable equipment. Only trust a TRI ALL 3 SPORTS case.

TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike cases, wheel cases and accessory cases are endorsed by top triathletes, cyclists, adventure racers, mountain bikers, and snowboarders. We encourage all athletes to go hard, be safe, and ALWAYS wear a helmet.

TRI ALL 3 SPORTS supports the growth of triathlons, cycling, adventure racing, mountain bike racing, and snowboarding worldwide. We have been proud sponsors of the U.S. CYCLING AND OLYMPIC TEAM, IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, the U.S. NATIONAL TRIATHLON TEAM, USAT and numerous cycling, adventure racing and triathlon teams.

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Our products are made in the USA and we recycle all raw materials to help protect our environment.

* All product designs, manufacturing technologies and intellectual property are solely owned by TRI ALL 3 SPORTS.

** Due to the major US shipping carriers' new dimensional shipping charges, we highly recommend that you carry your bike case on the plane with you. You will typically save a substantial amount of money, even with the airline fees.

TRI ALL 3 SPORTS pricing structure (MSRP) is good only in the continental United States. Because of foreign currency exchange and delivery charges, prices may very around the world. TRI ALL 3 SPORTS is a petroleum based company and due to the fluctuating petroleum cost in the market place, it is effecting our ability to hold our pricing structure and MSRP may change without notice.

Please contact TRI ALL 3 SPORTS for the authorized dealer nearest you.