Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander, 2-Time Ironman World Champion

"I have been using TRI ALL 3 cases since 2002. If you're serious about protecting your bike and wheels while travelling, then TRI ALL 3 is a smart choice."



Natascha Badmann

Natascha Badmann, 4-Time Ironman World Champion

"I've been travelling for 20 years with my bike around the world. The Triall3sports bike case is the best and safest case I have ever had! Once you know the comfort of this case – you never want anything else again. It's even easy to handle for girls ;-) !"

Natascha J



Chris McCormack, Ironman World Champion

"Bike cases have come and gone, but from the day I found TRI ALL 3 SPORTS, I have never bothered to even try another bike case. When you find the perfect case you stick with it. Protects my bike like no other, easy to pack and transport and sturdy. My current TRI ALL 3 SPORTS case has done more than 60000 traveling miles all across the world, and is still holding strong. Now if only I could get my bike box some frequent flyer miles!!! If your traveling with your bike, you have to get a TRI ALL 3 SPORTS case. I cant recommend them enough."



Dave Scott, 6-Time Ironman World Champion

"I've used the TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike and multipurpose carriers for 20 years. The testament of their durability for over 400 flights is an exclamation point for their ruggedness and durability. Additionally, the bike carriers are easy to load, compact and comply with all of the airline standards. When I transport my bike, there is never a question about the reliability of the TRI ALL 3 SPORTS sport bike carriers."


Wendy Ingram
A worry free flight...
Knowing my bike is safe.

Wendy Ingram, 6-Time Ironman Winner

"After 18 years, I am not sure of how many airline miles my TRI ALL 3 SPORTS double case has flown or how many times I have over stuffed it with smelly shoes and dirty cloths, but what I do know is that it has out lasted me in my professional career of racing triathlons and is now being used by my husband for his nice bike to fly to races. TRI ALL 3 SPORTS case is the bomb - but don't tell the airlines that. Thanks Bill for all the safe travels for my bike, it was comforting to know they always got to the races in one piece.

Happy Travels,
Wendy Ingraham"

Hunter Kemper

Philippe Raymond, Silver Medalist, Worlds 3000m Pursuit

"Just want to say that your product is awesome!!"

Hunter Kemper

Hunter Kemper, 3-Time Olympian

"I've been using TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike cases since 1998 and never once have I worried whether or not my bike will travel safe when using TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike cases. There is a reason they have been rated #1 in the industry among the top cycling and triathlon publications. When you consider purchasing a bike case, there is ONLY one name that stands for durability, quality, and excellence – TRI ALL 3 SPORTS. Don't leave home without it!!!"


Ken Glah

Ken Glah, Ironman World Series Champion

"I first started using TRI ALL 3 bike cases around 1990. The cases are incredibly easy to pack and extremely safe. Not once have I had a bike damaged over the last 20 years which would be about 1200 or so flights when you consider connections. Once in Chile, a van driver put my Compact Velo Safe and a Velo Safe II on the roof of a large van with a metal luggage rack. He neglected to tie the cases down and once we hit the main road and got up to 100kph the wind going under my case lifted it up over the double case and away it flew hitting the ground from about 10 feet up. I heard it crash onto the road and looked back to see it cartwheeling and sliding off the street. The bike had no damage and the case only suffered a small crack and a dent in one corner. This was before the newer stronger material in the current cases! With a serious financial investment in your bike and a large time commitment with your training it is worth every penny to buy a case that will insure your bike will arrive safely."


Greg Welch

Greg Welch, Ironman World Champion, Triathlon World Champion

"As a professional athlete, you are only as good as your equipment. Arriving safely at the race destination is one thing, but arriving without your equipment or broken equipment is another. In 12 years of racing Tri All 3 sports provided the greatest insurance for me and my equipment in their variety of bike cases and wheel bags. The travel cases help me win 4 Triathlon and Duathlon World Championships. Bill and Eric were always there for my wife Sian and I and handmade our cases most times while we waited, now that's service."


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Michellie Jones, Ironman World Champion

"TRI ALL 3 SPORTS cases are by far the most depenable and durable bike and wheel cases made. The abuse my TRI ALL 3 SPORTS cases take with all my travelling I wouldn't trust my equipment in anything else."


Paula Newby-Fraser, Paul Huddle, Heather Fuhr, Roch Frey, Multisports.com

KGS Bikes

"Over 20 years of racing triathlons, coaching and race directing has had us boarding close to 1000 flights, and our bikes always travel with us. With the TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike case, we never have to worry about whether our bikes would arrive safe and sound, this is a given. We recommend the TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike cases to all of the athletes we coach; there is nothing better. "


Jimmy Riccitello, 2x St. Croix Winner, Xterra World Champion

Jimmy Riccitello

"I'm not sure when I got my first Tri All 3 Sports bike case from you – gotta be around 1990 – but I still have it! I also have the coffee mug I stole from you around the same year (attached photo). You guys have made it so much easier for me to travel the world with my bike and my gear. With regard to equipment damage – I worry more about my precious case than I do about what's inside of it, and that's immensely reassuring whether I'm racing or training or running a camp. Thank you for your product, and your loyalty and dedication to triathlon for all these years."

Andy Potts, World Champion Triathlete

Andy Potts

"I have been using TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike cases since 2004. I have traveled all around the world and I have yet to have a problem with my bike showing up in one piece. TRI ALL 3 SPORTS cases secure my bike and allow me to focus on the race. There are too many things that can happen when you travel, don't let worrying about your bike be one of them."


Suzy Degazon, Ultra Triathlete

Suzy Degazon

"Thank Goodness for TRI ALL 3 SPORTS cases. I have protected my valuable bike since 1993 traveling to all parts of the globe in these rugged cases! I have seen them abused by baggage at airports dropped upside down and thrown down concrete steps! Yet my bike always seems to escape unscathed! This company is in a league of their own when it comes to bike cases!"


Bob Blatner, Team Bikes4Life - US National Series Champion, US National Champion

Bob Blatner

"I've used my Pro Series bike case exclusively for over five years. If you really want state of the art protection and mobility moving your bike through the airport, to your hotel or whatever, TRI ALL 3 SPORTS is the way to go. Plus the folks at TRI ALL 3 SPORTS actually take a serious interest in providing great service. I wish everything about racing was this easy. Thanks you guys. "

Monique Sullivan, Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist

Monique Sullivan<

"I have to travel with 150lbs of luggage: two bikes, race wheels, rollers and my clothing. The Wheel Safe Pro Series is light, durable and protects my stuff. I highly recommend it!"


Victor Plata, U.S. Olympian

Victor Plata

"I bought my first TRI ALL 3 SPORTS case in 1998.

In over eleven years of professional racing in twenty states and twenty-four countries, my bike has arrived safe every single time.

My case is so durable that I can hand it down to another triathlete when I retire."


James Stanfill - Operations Manager - USA Cycling

USA Cycling

"We choose the Tri All 3 Sports Velo Safe II cases due to their versatility and ability to competently carry two bicycles for our athletes. I was impressed to learn that the product is made almost entirely in Southern California and even more impressed with the "green" factor and how little waste is created in the production of their cases. The Velo Safe II's are saving us money, not only in baggage fee's but also in non damaged bicycles when we arrive to events around the world."


Paul Solon, Race Across America Winner

KGS Bikes

"The Tri All 3 hard bike and hard wheel cases are dependable, durable, and built to last for years. I have used my same hard cases for 15 yrs, taking them on international travel for racing: the bikes and and wheels and the cases themselves all come through flawlessly.

For long distance racing, such as the recent 6500k world record across Europe in Sept 2010, we used the Tri All 3 soft wheel cases to protect the disc and the carbon wheels inside the support vechicle.

These soft wheel cases are robust, sound, and protective. You can't go wrong using the Tri All line. An athlete's gear is too expensive and too fragile to make a mistake by using a product less strong and less dependable--what competitor wants to discover at the airport before race day a broken bike or broken bike case?"



Steve Blick, Oakley Sports Marketing, 2008 Mountain Bike Hall of Fame

Steve Blick

"Whenever we have the need to move precious cargo from place to place, we always can count on our friends at TRI ALL 3 to get the goods from A to B safe and sound.

An example is when we had the opportunity to display 5 actual radio shack team bikes in our Oakley Stores we were confidant in the transportation side as TRI ALL 3 was able to come thru with the easiest simplest way to get the bikes sent back to The team in perfect shape.



Duane M. Wagner, 9x National Cycling Champion, 2x World Cycling Champion,
Vietnam Vet, Double Amputee

Duane Wagner

"My name is Duane M. Wagner and I have been traveling and racing for over 20 years. I always use my TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike case and it is the only bike case I will use.

I know that my bike will arrive at my destination in the same condition as I packed it, PERFECT. TRI ALL 3 SPORTS is the best case I have ever used. "

Kevin Saunders, KGS Bikes

Hi guys,

KGS Bikes

"I wanted to let you know how important TriAll3 is to my business model and to the happiness of my customers. I own KGS Bikes and design custom road and triathlon bicycles to clients all over the world. They fly into my studio in San Antonio Texas and once I derive their perfect position on a bicycle I have all the data I need to design their bike. This allows me to work remotely and build a custom bicycle that is truly unobtainable in their local setting. The only potential problem it, how do I deliver the bike and keep it pristine and fully assembled? Thanks to you, it's easy. I use TriAll3 cases to ship the bikes to them so they can get the bicycle in the condition that I built it.

I own two VeloSafe Custom Road cases and they have shipped my bicycles all over the world, as far away as Peru. I have had no damage to the bikes and my clients/friends have been thrilled with the ability to pull the bike out of the case and ride it within five minutes of removing the frame padding. I built the 2007 Bicycling Magazine Dream Bike of the Year entry for Parlee and I think the shipping method made a huge difference in the judges perception of the bicycle. Many of my clients are not mechanically inclined and they still can ship a bike with confidence.

Your company has made me look good for years and I wanted to take the time to share. Bicycles built at the level I produce them are purchased by very demanding clients and this case makes for happy campers all the way around!

I wish you the very best.



Seton Claggett, CEO – TriSports.com


"We have been selling the TRI ALL 3 SPORTS cases for 10-years and when it comes to product quality these guys know what they are doing.

We sell these cases all over the world and can count the number of issues on one hand – and these issues came with the cases taking the beating and not the bike inside. Hand made in the USA with strong customer support you just can't go wrong."


Nico Marcolongo, CAF Operation Rebound Program Manager

Operation Rebound

"TRI ALL 3 SPORTS provides fast, reliable, and quality service to my Operation Rebound athletes.

They are always a pleasure to do business with."


Stephen McCarthy, Gear and Training

Gear and Training

"TRI ALL 3 SPORTS cases are in a category all of their own.

When you are looking for innovative, easy to use and time saving gear, they are the choice.

From the limited breakdown of your bike to cases made specifically for integrated seat posts, they have the case to meet your expectations."


Troy Farrar, President USARA


"The USARA has had a long standing partnership with TRI ALL 3 SPORTS because of the product quality & commitment to service they demonstrate.

We feel Triall3 Sports makes the highest quality bike box on the market and the members of the USARA deserve the best."


Don't let the AIRPORT GORILLAS destroy your valuable equipment. Only trust a TRI ALL 3 SPORTS case.

TRI ALL 3 SPORTS bike cases, wheel cases and accessory cases are endorsed by top triathletes, cyclists, adventure racers, mountain bikers, and snowboarders. We encourage all athletes to go hard, be safe, and ALWAYS wear a helmet.

TRI ALL 3 SPORTS supports the growth of triathlons, cycling, adventure racing, mountain bike racing, and snowboarding worldwide. We have been proud sponsors of the U.S. CYCLING AND OLYMPIC TEAM, IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, the U.S. NATIONAL TRIATHLON TEAM, USAT and numerous cycling, adventure racing and triathlon teams.

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Our products are made in the USA and we recycle all raw materials to help protect our environment.

* All product designs, manufacturing technologies and intellectual property are solely owned by TRI ALL 3 SPORTS.

** Due to the major US shipping carriers' new dimensional shipping charges, we highly recommend that you carry your bike case on the plane with you. You will typically save a substantial amount of money, even with the airline fees.

TRI ALL 3 SPORTS pricing structure (MSRP) is good only in the continental United States. Because of foreign currency exchange and delivery charges, prices may very around the world. TRI ALL 3 SPORTS is a petroleum based company and due to the fluctuating petroleum cost in the market place, it is effecting our ability to hold our pricing structure and MSRP may change without notice.

Please contact TRI ALL 3 SPORTS for the authorized dealer nearest you.